【Practice "Failure is the source of success" on the pitch】

AC Milan wishes all the school students to develop football player skills to perform well on the picht. It is necessary to recognize that failures are inherent in life, but failures are also the first step towards solid growth.

The strength of Vietnamese is that they can do exactly what was said. If all instructions are issued without mistakes, the coach never sees the scene where the player makes a mistake, and the players themselves are never reprimanded by the coach. If the players cannot recognize "Why did play like this?" etc., they will have to rely on instructions from the bench again. AC Milan emphasizes this "motivation", in which the correct answer is not given from the bench, but given by self-thinking and grabbing the trial & error method repeatedly. We always train "GIOCATORE PENSANTE" (thinking player) that enable player to move actively and play actively on the pitch.

The Training Time Schedules of Each Category

※It is necessary to wear AC Milan Academy uniform to join the class.

     If your child wear a different uniform, he will not be accepted to join the training.


Costs are divided into entrance fee (entrance fee, annual fee, school kit fee) and tuition fee.

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